First Dental Visit


The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), recommends the child's "First Dental Home" to be established no later than age one, but preferably when the first tooth erupts. The age one dental visit represents a key moment in the development of lifelong habits for dental health.

By establishing a Dental Home and taking preventive steps recommended by the pediatric dentist, parents can avoid their children contracting early childhood caries (cavities)—which is extensive devastating tooth decay that results in pain, failure to thrive, and in many cases, extensive and costly restorative work.

The first dental visit includes oral health education, an examination, prophylaxis (cleaning), diet analysis, home care instructions, and a fluoride treatment. Our clinicians will evaluate the cleanliness of your child's mouth and show you areas where the highest amounts of plaque bacteria were found. We want you and your child's first visit to be a fun and informative experience.

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