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Do not wipe the tooth clean. If the accident happened at home, place the tooth in a glass of milk. If the accident happened at your child's school, most school nurses will have a particular solution on hand to place a lost permanent tooth called Hanks Balanced Salt Solution. If that is not available, milk will work just fine. The goal is to soak the tooth to prevent it from drying out until your child can be evaluated. Call our office immediately. Sometimes, if the tooth is placed back in its socket soon enough by your child's dentist, the tooth can be saved. Time is critical in this situation!


Remove the fractured piece to prevent choking and don't chew on anything hard. Call your dentist immediately. Some teeth can be filled. More severe cases may need to be crowned. If the tooth has broken into the nerve the tooth will need Root Canal Therapy and a Crown, or it will need to be extracted.


If you were hit by an object, call your dentist immediately. Depending on the severity of the blow, your dentist may let the tooth "tighten-up" on its own, or your dentist may bond the tooth to the uninjured teeth next to it for support until it heals. The tooth may turn dark and/or abscess after an accident. That may happen immediately, or it could be years later. If the tooth does eventually abscess, it will require Extraction or Root Canal Therapy and a Crown just like any other abscessed tooth.


Apply pressure to stop or slow the bleeding. If the wound is severe or doesn't stop bleeding, call your dentist or go to the Emergency Room at the hospital immediately. The wound may require stitches to stop the bleeding, prevent infection and to help it properly heal.

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